Post Limit on Tumblr From These 7 Ways You May Don’t Know

Tumblr is also one of the popular social media platforms. It’s more than 450 million blogs and 167+ billion posts claims about its popularity.

It enables you to create your personal blog and post anything cool you want, or you can just follow other people’s blogs of your interest. Tumblr is good for the people who focus on visual more than texts.

It is not only popular among young people, but the bloggers of all ages can also use it to work more efficiently. There are a lot of blogs that are dedicated to just one specific topic like mental issues, fiction, movies, anime, and much more. It is quite exciting to observe the versatility of this social media platform.

However, Tumblr has many more features, along with some limitations. Most probably, you have no idea about those limitations; for example, there is a trial post limit on Tumblr. At a time you reach that limit, you cannot post more until the day finish.

post limit on tumblr

Post Limit on Tumblr

In this article, listing down some of the significant limitations Tumblr has for its users;

  1. No Privacy With Primary Blogs:

“The things on the Internet will always stay on the Internet.”

It is a famous saying, and this is similar to Tumblr too. Whenever you post something on your primary Tumblr blog, you can’t make that content private. Everything will be public.

Apart from this, other different bloggers can’t be part of your primary blog.

This is when the secondary blog sparkle. It enables you to make other bloggers a part of your blog. You can also protect the content with a password. You can also set your posts as private before posting it to your blog.

  1. Only 250 Posts Per Day:

You cannot posts a lot of posts daily on your Tumblr blog. There is a particular trial post limit on Tumblr that only allows you to post 250 posts per day.

This also includes the re-blogs to your post. This limitation applies to your progressing posts of both primary and secondary blogs. Tumblr will automatically reset the limit of the post when time reaches 12 midnight eastern.

  1. Only 50 Posts Per Day Can Be Queued:

As there is a trial post limit on Tumblr, similarly queuing posts also have a limit of 50 posts per day. Of course, this includes the 250 posts per day trial post limit on Tumblr.

If you are going and still want engagement on your Tumblr blog, then queue the post. After reaching the 50 post limit per day, then queue the posts for another day and save the posts on drafts.

  1. No More Than 5 Tags:

Tags are essential to keep the tracks of stuff and to find new stuff. An original post has more than five tags, but from those, only five tags will appear on the dashboard at a time of the search.

To cope up with this limit, you can hold the comment off at a time till the fifth tag. You have to tag in a wise manner to make the search fine.

  1. Ask 10 Question Per Hour:

Most of the Tumblr users commute via Ask, For Ask, and to work. You have to enable this along with an option to enabling questions from anonymous people.

But when an unknown asks any question, you can only reply to the public. Tumblr limits you with only ten items in an hour in which only five can be anonymous questions.

To overcome with limitation, you can commute through the official messaging feature on Tumblr that’s Fan Mail.

There, your messages can be lengthy according to your demand. There will be no limitation for ten messages or questions per hour.

  1. Resolution Should only Be 500×750 Pixels Per Post:

Whenever you are posting a photo, there is a limit size for that. You can only post 500×750 pixels photo in your post. The pictures bigger in size than 500×750 pixels size will only view in a lightbox after a click.

If you want to post massive photos on Tumblr, so ensure to keep the limited size, so your pictures will not be scaled below. Moreover, keep in mind the trial post limit on Tumblr of 250 posts per day, only 150 posts from those can be picture posts.

  1. Massive GIFs Is Not Okay:

You may observe several GIFs posted on Tumblr working quite fine. But if there is a GIF not working fine, then it’s because of its size. Tumblr limits the GIFs to 2MB only. If the GIF size exceeds the limit, so Tumblr will turn it into a static image.

If you still want to post GIFs so first assess the GIF by saving it on draft. If it works fine, then you can post that. If it does not works fine, then change it to the maximum GIF size allowed by Tumblr.

My Hands off The Topic!

There are always some specific limitations on all the blogging platforms. It may be because of the platform developer that he wants the network to work in enough efficient manners.

Still, apart from all these trial posts limits on Tumblr, you can do a lot more. It allows you to customize it entirely based on your choice. By this customization, you can convey all your thoughts to the people who are like-minded to you.

Of course, Tumblr is worth using platform apart from all these posting limitations. In fact, this blogging is home to the devoted fandoms of huge media communities.

It could be anime, Harry Potter, etc. These and several other blogs on Tumblr are for a long time. These blogs are even the most creative vent for all the fans of such things.

Tumblr is an excellent platform for enthusiasts of personal opinions, art, thoughts, and writings. So using Tumblr is a unique platform for all such enthusiasts. Even it will boost up your experience by its upgrades.

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