Tracking the Top Subreddit List 5000

The Subreddit List 5000: 

There are a couple of websites that are so intensely connected to the overall image of the Internet today that they come to mind the moment you think of the web.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube…these are all examples. Highly used, very popular and increasingly relevant to how we interact in even the real world, our lives have become totally ingrained with their services.

In any case, in the event that you continue onward, there is a name that will be on the rundown that you may have out of the brain: Reddit.

Calling itself (rightly) the front page of the Internet, this information sharing and communication resources have blown up over the years. It is now a hub for interaction from all over the world, and if you want to know the buzz on the net, it should be the first port of call.

Unfortunately, a lot of people – even frequent users – don’t understand all of the features. Like the category structure; how does it work?

You have the main Reddit along the top breaking up more popular main categories. These include Politics, Gaming, Atheism, Videos, Movies, Science, Funny, etc.

At the point when you hit the ‘More’ button, you will be taken to another page that incorporates some subreddits that are likewise well known. These are usually more specific, like Pokemon or Minecraft.

These subreddits are not simply on this page, be that as it may. They are all over the site, just a little more difficult to find.

Subreddit List 5000

Finding Subreddit List 5000

Obviously, you can just sift through the official subreddit page if you want to. But you will be going through results for a long time, and it is more a tool for browsing than finding something specific.

Especially if the subreddit you are looking for is obscure and less likely to have a high number of people subscribed or posting to it.

Luckily there are ways to help you quickly suss out these boards.

  • New Reddit– This feature is a quick way to check out what has just been posted more recently. This is handy when you are looking for trending topics because chances are they will be groups together as users post again and again about it.
  • Subreddit of the Day– Find out what has attracted the most attention and been named the Subreddit of the Day.
  • Meta-Reddit– Brown by metatags, clicking on each one to get a description from the randomly generated list.
  • Subreddit Finder– Find useful tags and sort them by most promoted, active or several other specifications.
  • Subreddits– A full list broken down by larger categories.


Some Interesting Subreddits

I have discovered some extremely incredible subreddits utilizing the apparatuses above. I have discovered some genuinely peculiar ones, too.

If I were to come up with a list of my absolute favorites, it would be hard to narrow it down. But if you twisted my arm, these are the ones I would recommend.

  • Paranormal: Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Even those of us you aren’t convinced in the existence of the supernatural can get a kick out of a well-woven tale of spooks and specters. On the off chance that you have an enthusiasm for the paranormal, this is an absolute necessity buy-in a blog to look at. It covers ghost stories, cryptozoology, UFOs, investigations, possessions, haunted objects and more.
  • GetDisciplined: Ever wanted to change your life, but you just don’t have the willpower to keep going? This is a great subreddit for you. It gives you advice, support, and motivation for anything you want to improve. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get organized, find a better job, finish school or anything else, this should be a daily stop.
  • AbandonedPorn: It isn’t what it sounds like, promise! This board is all about abandoned places around the world. From hospitals to zoos, find the beauty in those places that used to bustle with activity, but have now been left behind and empty.
  • Fascinating: Sometimes you just want to know something cool. This subreddit isn’t refreshed as frequently the same number of the others, however, everything posted is interesting. It is worth just reading what is already there.
  • You should know: This one is similar to what I learned, a popular board listed on Reddit’s main page. Anyone who has a bit of expertise on a subject, or just knows something helpful, posts it on this subreddit to help teach others.
  • LifeProTips: Ever wanted to know how to make your own vanilla extract? Perfectly portion ground beef? Set your internal clock? You can find out here, hacking life like a pro.

Reddit is the substance advertiser’s goldmine: It rouses viral substance, gives you what individuals appear to cherish sharing and offers an incredible scene to showcase substance to get it found by writers and bloggers.

Building up your Reddit presence is tough: There are no shortcuts and Reddit Karma is fast to lose and time-consuming to establish.

Here are four apparatuses to effortlessly find slanting Subreddits:

Reddit Metrics is your first wellspring of Reddit patterns. It breaks subreddits into:

  • Fastest growing
  • Trending non-default subreddits (those that new users are not subscribed to by default when they join. Normally, default subreddits will frequently be slanting in light of the fact that they secure supporters as new clients join)
  • Top new reddits
  • Each subreddit has a chart indicating its development scale. You can contrast any ordered subreddit development and 4 more subreddits to dissect the patternbetter:


TrendingReddits is scanning Reddit all day long with an aim to detect spikes in subscriber count early (powered by Trending reddits are posted there all day long.

Here you’ll see “mildly-trending” subreddits (those that acquire ~200-600 subscribers per day) and “trending” subreddits. If you are interested in discovering trending subreddits on a daily basis, this subreddit is a must to subscribe


Snoopsnoo is a cool way to search for new and trending subreddits. They have cool search operators too:

  • [topic:] to limit subreddit search by topic
  • [subscribers<xxx] to limit subreddit search by how many people are subscribed to each
  • [over18:false] to limit subreddit search to those that are safe for work.

Reddit List

Finally, Reddit List is a great way to discover cool subreddits and it also tracks Reddit trends. Clicking “i” next to each subreddit name will show the subreddit description, growth rate, and activity:

How to join a new subreddit: Checklist

Here are some steps for joining subreddit:

  • Subscribe to the subreddit (Tip: You may want to unsubscribe from some defaults to clear up your home feed a bit)
  • Find and read all the rules. Religiously. All subreddits have various rules which you regularly find in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Browse the popular stories and read the comments (To get a better feel of what people like to discuss here)
  • Check “Controversial” stories to better understand what to stay away from (at least for a while)
  • Post comments
  • Try submitting something (The last thing you want to do!)


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