Verify Paypal Account And What are the Significance Of Verified Account


The most striking feature about Pay Pal is while creating a new PayPal it is liable to verify the account. Question is what exactly it and why do you need to do it? Let us glance at it.

What is the system of PayPal Verification?

Comparable with any other online service, one has to land on a site for creating a new account. How can one make sure of the authenticity of this person?

How can the legitimacy of the person allowing him or her to indulge in online activities, but in the financial world of payment processing and heart-rending money this inquest is vital?

PayPal verification complements a supplementary tier of security to verify the authenticity of the user and assurance of what he is and what he is uttering.

verify paypal account

Why Verify PayPal Account?

PayPal does not put a tangible restriction on the use that aims to sign up for an account. It is advised to use it quickly as it activates without inviting any trouble.

You are facilitated to deposit funds in your account without observing any cap and expend the money straight away.

This sensitivity necessitates the significance of getting the verification of a PayPal account. As if a PayPal account is left unverified, you will get limited access to PayPal features.

These limitations will hinder the transfer of funds to other PayPal accounts and withdrawal to your bank account. Above and beyond, as you verify PayPal, you will get a safe and swift platform.

This is because you are assisting the company in allowing the real people to use the feature.

Unverified PayPal accounts will invite unsolicited mail, commit fraud, or obligate money laundering. Henceforth, a limited access facility is given to them.

Dealing with a verified PayPal account makes you feel in a comfort zone when you come to know that to whom you are dealing is the one actually he is and both the sides will feel comfortable and willingly contribute to embark on business.

Verifying a PayPal Account


  • Browse through If not automatically logged in, Login in the upper-right corner of the window and feed your credentials.
  • Click on Summary. It is a tab located in the upper-left part of the window employing a mobile device, click on Menu located in the upper-left corner of the window.
  • Scroll down and click on See how much you can send with PayPal. It is located in the “More about your account” section.
  • Click on Get Verified located near the top of the window.

Benefits of Verified PayPal Account: 

  • Using a verified PayPal account, payments can be sent through many PayPal payments as per your desire.
  • A verified PayPal account makes the process of withdrawal money seamless.
  • As your PayPal account is verified, you receive the money in your account automatically.
  • Your verified PayPal account is entitled to deposit money quickly even to your debit card as well as a credit card while making payments.
  • Due to verified status, the PayPal community gets a sheer amount of confidence and trust inside and even outside the PayPal community.

Another unique feature for Verified PayPal users they have to pay fewer fees and bear a smaller amount of restrictions, just as lower limits, on sending, receiving and withdrawal of money.

  • Track the onscreen footsteps to get verified.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PayPal?

Advantages of PayPal

  • It provides us a great facility for online shopping.
  • Users must provide relevant information on our account when we are shopping through online service.
  • PayPal gives us the benefit of paying the amount when you are selling otherwise users cannot take the risk to pay the service charges.
  • They are providing customized services for the customers like you can see and view “cart”. 

Disadvantages of PayPal  

  • There is a lack of customer services because they cannot have enough information about clients such as phone numbers that’s why they can usually respond through programmed messages as compared to genuine services.
  • PayPal verification system takes a lot of time to connect your bank account with your PayPal account.

Deliver your Social Security Number

The verification needs vary from country to country. Pursue the onscreen footsteps to get your account to verify.

What is meant by the status of a Verified Account?

You can get your account to verify by either adding and confirming a bank account or applying for and getting approved concerning a PayPal Credit product.

Identity verification raises customer trust as it leads to inculcate confidence level about the person who he says he is.

As other PayPal users perceive you as a Verified User, they come to realize that you have followed the steps that deliver additional evidence about your identity.

This augments confidence and inculcates a sense of willingness among both to undertake business mutually.

How Does PayPal Account Verification Help?

For creating a bank account, the bank requires valid identification credentials that include:

  • Government Allotted Photo ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Street Address and General Contact Information

When the person is identified as same; their direct access to an account is verified, PayPal, as well as users of the PayPal platform, make sure that the banking system has taken the additional authentication steps, this drastically reduces the odds associated with the user forging their identification.

N.B: The amount to be deducted will be not exceeding $1.95 or around $2.00 subject to the current dollar exchange. Nothing to worry as, after getting the things confirmed, PayPal will repay the money and pay back the deducted amount after 24 hours or within one week.

On viewing the 4-digit code that PayPal will need to verify your account that must begin with the “PP” prefix after the 4-digit code. One should pay due attention to the detail involved.

In Conclusion

If you can complete the entire process appropriately, that makes you entitled to relish the benefits and features of PayPal. Relish limitless deposits and limit free drawing from PayPal to your bank account.

Notwithstanding the above, one can get further enjoyment in the form of perks granted by PayPal’ associates those beliefs in verified accounts only. Believe me, benefits are awaiting you in a multitude if you are a confirmed or verified user.

In case of any further query or suggestion about PayPal verification process or facing difficulties, feel free to contact us and get answers to your queries.

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